About Us

Bug Sweeping

Verrimus’s highly trained personnel, high specification technology and unique tactics ensure our clients receive the best available service. Bug Sweeping (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM) is our core service, not an add on 2nd rate service offered by most Private Investigators and security companies. We are considered international experts in the field. Some of the UK's most sensitive projects rely on Verrimus operators for their counter surveillance skills. This is a fact we are very proud of and a level of service we aim to keep delivering to our clients.

We have invested hundereds of thousands of pounds in each suite of counter surveillance equipment we deploy for our clients. Our staff are among the best in the world and are called upon to advise and operate at the very highest levels. What ever the level of threat you or your organisation face, Verrimus can guarantee your privacy will be protected. Our initial consultation in these matters is free of charge. Call or email us to book a consultation, without charge.

Please note – You should NOT call or email from any device or area you believe to be bugged.

Information Security

Verrimus provides Information Security Surveys to assist individuals and organisations in the preparation of their risk management strategies and the review processes involved with the management of risk. This service allows our clients to ensure that they have appropriate policies, procedures and systems in place to prevent unauthorised information leakage; we can carry out an assessment of our clients environment to identify technical, physical and procedural vulnerabilities, and provide our clients with advice on the implementation of the necessary safeguards to mitigate the threat.

We have carried out Information Security Surveys at the highest levels and continue to be called upon to carry out these surveys for some of the worlds most prominent individuals and blue chip companies.

Our initial consultation in these matters is free of charge. Call or email us to book a consultation, without charge.

Privacy Protection Services

At Verrimus, we are firm believers in providing our clients a cost effective solution and in consequence we believe  prevention is better than cure.

To cure a problem in the realm of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures means there has already been some damage done and some vital information lost.

It is far better and more cost effective to deny an attack in the first place than attempt to limit the damage once an attack has taken place.

With that in mind, Verrimus has devised a number of sub services to ensure that we can deny an attacker the ability to gain your information in the first place.

We do not advertise these services as it would compromise the security of our clients.  If you believe that you or your company may be targeted, under investigation or subject to surveillance then contact us for a free initial consultation.